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Mindful conversations on life, literacy, and religion.

Dialogue, Reflection & Mindful Engagement

Hearkening to the days, when messages were brought slowly and with ample time for reflection, this website is meant to be a place for extended reflection. During the first part of the 21st century, where the exchange of words amounts to little more than the reading and sharing of bumper stickers,  I welcome you to my site to read and comment in a spirit of courtesy as well as critical engagement.

Roswell Corner

Grab a coffee (or Blue Milk) and read the latest posts on topics that might surprise you!

Literacy in the Wild

Literacy in the Wild explores the vast territory of connection to content. Join me in this educational exploration!

Mary Vitamin

Mary Vitamin

Welcome to my Catholic Hideaway. Discover prayerful Marian devotion from the life and virtues of Our Lady and posts about the connection between grace and human nature. 

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