I Am Afraid of Mice

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I am terrified of mice.

I thought I could write something funny about my fear. I can’t! My stomach immediately tightens. My breathing becomes shallow and rapid. My entire being is on alert. It as though several fire stations reside within my chest and each one of these stations is giving off four alarm sirens.

To stop the panic, to put out the anxiety caused by four legged creatures, I need to deploy my coping mechanisms. First, breath deeply from my diaphragm to calm my nervous system. I tell my body, “I am Safe.” I review the reality of the situation. A mouse is an animal that is much tinier than me and has much more fear of me than I of it.

Why does my fear do this to my mind and body? It seems irrational but fear can be irrational. As humans, we need to get used to fear and how to manage it. Fear is part of the human condition.

Returning to my last post, I left off writing about another human emotion…guilt.  I read the writings of Karl Marx.  I did not experience a mystical change. Honestly, I felt like I had to keep my reading a secret.  I am perplexed by that feeling. I am also perplexed that the writings of a dead guy, which most Americans have not read, can cause many Americans to cringe in fear. What is so frightening? For example, In this article concerning Black Lives Matter, the framers of Black Lives Matter indicate that they use Marx as their theoretical frame. Why does using the theoretical frame of Marx, which is applicable to a movement which wants to see change in society, somehow undermine the value of this movement? I am truly curious. If you are game, read the article and take notice of the content that causes fear. Feel free to discuss this with me. If you are extra curious, try this article from Crisis Magazine:

Marx and Augustine Find Common Ground

I look forward to engaging further on this topic.


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